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A tradition since 1825. Visit the Peterborough Farmers' Market every Saturday, 7 AM to 1 PM at the Memorial Centre parking lot. (Lansdowne & George Street) During the winter months the market moves indoors to the Agriculture building at the same location. (705) 742-FARM

Millennium Park, Peterborough
Sept 24th, 2011, 10am to 5pm



705 653-3187 (Factory phone number)
Good cheese (we challenge you to find better cheddar anywhere) Cheddar, mild, medium, old, extra old and 4 year old, Havarti, Mozarella, Colby with a variety of flavours, feta and cheese curds. The Empire Cheese Factory is located between Campbellford and Stirling. At the market you'll meet Floyd.


905 468-4458   Niagara On The Lake
Eadys Fruit has been a fixture at the Market for 38 years. All fruit is hand picked, fresh and tender direct from the Niagara fruit belt to your table. Great for preserves. Cherries. Grapes. Plums. Peaches. Nectarines. Pears. Apricots.

705 745-6051   
R.R.#11, Peterborough
BETTER BEEF, NATURALLY! NOW CERTIFIED ORGANIC! A family farm raising Limousine-Hereford beef on grain and green pastures, additive and drug free. Visit the market or contact them on the farm, just on the outskirts of Peterborough. Bulk offer for freezer beef: 60 lbs. of natural beef @ $3.50 per pound. Ask for Thomas and Belle Ahrens.

705 778-2635   
1559 County Road #46, R.R, # 4, Havelock
Emu and Rhea meats, free range chicken and turkeys, farm fresh eggs, emu oil products such as hand creams, salves, lip balms, honey, all organic. For more information call or email Russet and Ralph Preston at or
Visit our website

613 395-2762   
R.R.#3, Stirling
Gift baskets, home baking, preserves and canning, specialty cakes by advance order only, crafts including centrepieces, needlework, wind spinners and during the Christmas season only, a "Tin Man" made of what else but discarded tins which can charm the heart of even the most cynical Scrooge. The gift of the year (at least in this websites humble opinion). A great joy to receive - an even greater joy to give.
905 342-2119   Sandra & Cliff DeSalvo
Bread, home made and tasty. The names make you want to eat plain bread, names like 'Country Baguette, Celtic Farmhouse, Black Bean Raisin, Potatoe Buttermilk'. Varieties also include wholewheat, white, light rye, cornmeal and a new one is coming made from spelt. On the sweeter side are carrot cake, lemon poppyseed loaf, banana bread, zuccini loaf, and cream sherry pumpkin loaf. Website
705 652-8692   
R.R.#1, Lakefield
Ah! The incomparable mushroom! Organic fresh picked buttons, browns, shitakis, portabellos, oysters. Get a smile and cheerful service from Andrew & Sarah & Ann at his market stall or visit the family farm which is primarily a commercial hay operation. At the farm you will find fallow deer and of course mushrooms. Venison available on occassion. If you ask, Andrew might even share his special recipe for mushroom omelettes. Call first if you wish to visit the farm.
Email Andrew McIlmeyle
705 877-1399  
Look for the silver deli trailer at the market. Treat yourself to what many call the "best" Canadian bacon ever, thick unsliced, back bacon, a wide variety of Italian and German smoked meats and dried meats (prosciutto, salami, pepperonis, sausages). Italian breads and barbecued hot sandwiches available when the market is out doors. If you are lucky you might overhear Domenic telling one of his famous "bad" jokes to one of the other market vendors. He always has a zinger.
Domenic and Maria Canzona


705-742-3185   2342 Sherbrooke Street West Peterborough
Buffalo meat is wild, lean and tasty. Tim and Mary Belch offer steaks, tenderloin, roasts, ground, sausage and jerky. Seasonally available also is buffalo tortiere and other delights. Try it once, make it a regular lean meat choice, and enjoy the personable, friendly service. Alternatively you can visit the farm to see these beautiful beasts and buy direct.
For all that's current in the buffalo world email Tim


705 653-0389   
Martin Oates 
Unique varieties of fruits, vegetables and cut flowers from local farm, produced without pesticides. Martin's young son is a great salesman you can meet at the market. Yellow red raspberries, blue red fingeing potatoes, red and white beets, red purple yellow carrots, Heirloom tomatoes (purple, yellow, green, white). White gold purple peppers. Strawberries.

705 295-6068  
 Joe and Brenda Street
Our community heritage is linked to the present day by the maple syrup from the forests of the Kawarthas. All grades of maple syrup, maple sugar and maple butter are the heritage products of this farm. They also have available freezer beef, all cuts. Available by appointment at the farm or see them at the Market.
705 696-2354  
Anne Marie Warner of Hastings
Canadian made handicrafts include aprons, oven mitts, micro wave mitts, Tea Cozies, Bun warmers, lid toppers, casserole carriers, placemats, reversible table runners, spice pads, napkins, pot holders, trivets, pillow & pillow slips, wall hangings, lap quilts, fleece in a pillow, chairpads, grocery bag holder, body pillows, window & door draft stops, adult and baby bibs and fun earings. Also found at Craftworks and numerous craft shows around the area.
705 739-6758  
of Cavan 1522 Moore Drive, Cavan, ON L0A 1C9
Red Pepper Jelly, Stained Glass Designs & Repairs. Helen MacNaughton makes clear, bright delicious red pepper jelly and displays it beautifully at the market with red pepper lights. And she offers samples to taste. Its great on crackers, delicious with cream cheese on a toasted bagel. Try her other jams and jellies: strawberry, purple raspberry, grape, marmalades and current. Helen works with stained glass, designing lovely night light covers and hanging glass souvenirs, and she does repairs.
705 932-5380 
 John & Susan French of Millbrook
1031 Zion Line, R.R.1 Millbrook, ON K0A 1G0

The closest thing to organic. We grow our feed and specialize in beef without growth hormones. All cuts of beef, bones, sausages weekly at the market or by personal order. We are at 1031 Zion Line, between County Road 10 and County Road 28, near Millbrook.
613 398-6421
  Ann Van Der Heyden of Frankford
R.R. # 1, 255 Rochards Road, Frankford, On

Van der Heyden Family - Certified organic vegetables, eggs, asparagus, mushrooms and other vegetables. Simply delicious. Order ahead or visit our stall at the market
SIKMA'S ORCHARD of Newcastle
Apples • Cider • Pears - Look for the large white cider tank.
See you at the market Saturday 7 am to 1 pm
705 652-1581
  4208 R.R.# 4 K0L 2H0 - Martin, Jerry & Jim Beyers of Lakefield
Fruits & vegetables - many varities of apples, great carrots, turnip, onions, potatoes, corn and seasonal fresh vegetables
705 876-0176   Jan Laurie
of Peterborough
Sprouts! Delicious varieties including flax, alfalpha, mustard and delightful mixes to enhance salads and sandwiches or to top pasta or other dinners. Local, fresh, organic produce.

705 768-0031   1100 Hilliard Street Unit-C3; Peterborough; Ontario; K9H 5S2
For the past 10 years "A Taste of Russia" has been bringing Eastern European delights to Peterborough. All major ingredients used at "A Taste of Russia" are locally produced by well-known farmers.This makes "A Taste of Russia" exceptionally delicious and tasty, and there is usually a lineup at the market on Saturday mornings for famous Cabbage Rolls, Perogies, Blinis, Strudels, Aplle Dumplings,Pirozhki and Much More!
Email for party and reception catering orders.

705 745-4092  Composer & Teacher of Finger Style Guitar. While the music is free and freewheeling with classical, folk, and other genres sweetly and expertly played, a loonie or twoonie is greatly appreciated by this loved local musician. Although accomplished in the studio, in numerous bands, and on CD, Michael enjoys his market mornings busking and talking with his fans. In the clubs you pay a premium to listen to this performer play. CD's available. Email
705-742-9652 Jill Bishop
Heritage seeds, information and encouragement. Delight in diverse and delectable vegetables you can grow yourself. Visit the Urban Tomato stall to find special seeds, learn how to save your seeds, and get growing!
Owner and chef: Don Vassiliadis
Restaurant 220 King Street 705 745-3260 Catering 705 768-0377
Now you can prepare Greek and Meditteranean food (almost) as good as the restaurant itself thanks to a selection of herbs and rubs based on recipes used in this Peterborough family restaurant for three generations now. Scotties Moroccan rub (a blend of over 26 spices and herbs) is perfect on both slow roasted chicken or barbecued fish. Also available at the market stall, hummous, great for summer picnics.
Owners: Don & Kim Briand
Bailieboro 705 939-6714 Fax 705 875-7813
Quality pork products. Look for the SIGN with a carving of a pig. All cuts of pork from their farm.
KYOTO COFFEE Organic ~ Fair Trade ~ Fresh Roasted.
Artisanal small batch roasting insures a fresh roast every time. Global coffee varieties available. Always organic with a conscience. Fair trade, bird friendly, rainforest, biosphere and community coffees. Owner/roaster Tracy Cosburn's coffee is packaged in biodegradable bags and served in paper cups with recycled sleeves. Eco friendly cups. The business is designed to leave as close to a zero footprint as possible. At the market, sample fresh brewed on the spot, then choose your beans. Packed in 1/2 and 1 LB bags. Also available at Bear Essentials, Sticklings Bakery, Country Corner and Gotta Havva Pizza..Order direct from or call 705-745-7329.
705-939-2366 Ruco Braa
Sheep Shearer, Registered Rideau Arcott Breeder. 171 County Road 2, Bailieboro, ON K0L 1B0
offers a full range of cuts of lamb, including ground. In addition there are sheep skins and blankets made from the wool. The skins are sold singly or can be ordered in multiples to create a luscious thick pelt cover for a bed or divan. Lamb also distributed at Rural Routes, Craftworks, Maggie's Meat
Market, and The Country Corner. Email:
705-930-3777 Michelle Huisman
Delightful artisan soaps that are referred to as 'The Chakra Set'. There are scented and unscented goats milk soaps, each relevant to a chakra of the body, beautifully presented in pretty shapes and sizes. Chakra is Sanskrit for wheel or disk and signifies one of seven basic energy centers in the body. The chakras also correlate to levels of consciousness, archetypal elements, developmental stages of life, colors, sounds, and body functions. 'Clean your skin and your soul with one of our soaps'. They are made from goats milk and are very, very nice to use. At the Peterborough Square inside market every Wednesday (9-2) Email:
705-277-3682 Jane Doidge
Jane Doidge makes charming and elegant pendants for neck, arm, ankle, etc. using stones: Red Jasper, Agate, Moss Agate, Carmelian, Blue Lace Agate, Blue Goldstone, Obsidian, Spectiolite, Sea Urchin Spikes, and Quartz to name a few. Whether you wear them or use them to enhance your energy, crystals, stones and gems are a source of wonder. Bringing them into your life is a way of creating a connection with Earth. They too are born and grow within Earth's structure, and if you look after them with care and respect, crystals, stones and gems will share their positive energy of light, colour and beauty. Email:

705-295-6049 Cindy and Kevin Hope
1616 Villiers Line just East of Keene near Rice Lake, has goats and goats milk. Goat meat, goat milk and goat soap are produced on the farm. Goat meat: Chops, roasts, stew meat, ground goat, and goat sausages are all available. Recipe cards for the novice cook are provided. Goat meat is lean, tasty and highly nutritious, and lends itself nicely to slow cooking with fruit and spices and herbs. Come to the Saturday Farmers Market or come to the farm.
If coming to the farm, Call first to make an appointment. or Email

705 748-3618, in town, 191 Charlotte St., at the market look for our Bread Caravan

Delicious desserts, Artisan breads & bagels along with a full range of baked goods, croissants, dinner rolls, and traditional German style cakes and goodies, special Christmas items available seasonally, pasta and some gluten free products
Catering & Take-out Menu Available On-line
Mark 705 657-2496 and Frank Woloszczak 705 745-5775, Workshop: 970 Hwy #7 East, Peterborough
- Manfactures and produces and installs custom made steel and aluminum railings, gates and fences. These fixtures can include plastic and/or glass panels. Available in aluminum, steel and wrought iron. With railings, you have the option of safety glass framed by the rail for a contemporary architectural finish. Often decorative, with fine European craftmanship, these gates, fences, and balconies will make an elegant addition for your property. Smaller pieces include wrought iron lanterns with glass chimneys, and his wood cradles are ideal for the garden and patio, and make a great present. At the market year round on Saturdays. Email:
LILA'S COUNTRY KITCHEN A Healthier Alternative
Linda Lawrence 705 944-5692 Peterborough

Linda Lawrence has a wonderful array of cookies, muffins, delicacies and jams. She specializes in Diabetic and Gluten-free products. For example, to name a few: Gluten free Cherry Macaroons, Gluten-free Dairy-free Peanut Butter cookies, Gluten-free Dairy-free Chocolate Chip cookies, Gluten-free Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins, Brownies with Chocolate Icing...and more! You can find these and many more at her market stall, and this is just the beginning. If you want specific products she is open to producing them for you. Also at the Flea Market (same building) on Sundays from 9-3pm. She will be carrying Empire Cheese, perhaps some other goodies, as well as offering a Sunday Special that will change weekly. Stop by and say hello and tell her you found her on the, Farmers Market page. Email:
Perpetua Sotomayor 705 742-4458 - 223 Rink St.

Authentic Andean knits right here in Peterborough! Gloves, hats, mitts, scarves, sweaters, most knitted from Alpaca, the softest wool, very durable and suitable for people with sensitivities to wool. Lovely to touch and wear. Children's sweaters with colourful applique and embroidery show off Pepetua's incredible needle craftsmanship. Also clay whistles and jewellry. Visit Perpetua at the Market on Saturday morning or call her and go direct. A great gift idea, very reasonably priced.
Deanna and Colin Hall produce amazingly delicious pastries, cookies and cakes. Their repertoire include cookies, tarts, squares, scones, danish, coffee cake, cake and cupcakes. Come to the market for a sampling of their creations. Order two weeks in advance for an event or for a regular feature for your home dining table.
Contact: or by phone at 705-749-0159
The soil where my market garden grows wasn't turned in three generations, and as a former poultry farm it's very well-fertilized. Products to look for at the market, or directly from the 4acre market garden include: onions, radishes, beans, beets, carrots, potatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, cabbage, cantaloupe, squash, tomatoes, broccoli, brussel sprouts, pumpkins, gourds, ornamental corn, fresh cut flowers, pasta sauce, salsa sauce, chicken pies and chicken manure. Call Don at 905-797-2644, Email: or look for Litz Organic Farm at the market on Saturday morning.
Beautiful nature photography in tasteful pretty frames that would suit any decor. Visit Sheryl's booth at the Saturday market and enjoy the viewing. Butterflies, birds, natural scenery, and nature theme photography by a professional artist. Framed art and cards -- perfect for thank you's, celebrations, invitations and any occasion that is evocative of passion. Contact Sheryl directly by email at:
BROWN'S FARM - Don and Marylou Brown
A family owned and operated farm since 1950, 406 Drum Road, Pontypool, ON. They specialize in root vegetables in winter, and all vegetables in summer. They have the sweetest carrots, delicious beets, and lots of potatoes and onions.
Email: Phone 705-277-2147.
A BETTER BITE...for you...for the world
John and Deb Cooper invite you to try their grains and nuts and fruits and especially the products they make with these excellent nutritional ingredients. At the Saturday market or contact them at 705-696-1334 for direct results. Email: Website:
Kawartha Lakes Festival Bed and Breakfast Host