BattleZone: PvP FPS Shooter beginners guide and tips

BattleZone: PvP FPS Shooter beginners guide and tips
Apr 2023

BattleZone: PvP Shooter is a fully action-packed game developed by Techouse Games. The game is generally played in online mode as it is a multiplayer game. In this game, players have to fight battles against each other in a world of war. Different maps and game modes make the game more versatile. A huge variety of weapons, gadgets, and equipment offers a tactical advantage over every single opposing refugee. Gameplay with full of action in BattleZone: PvP FPS ShooterPlease enable JavaScriptSmooth multiplayer, different game modes, customizable characters, different maps and weapons and more features make the game more engaging. Skill-based Gameplay helps players to compete against opponents of their own class. This makes the game more accurate and helps players to make a quick decisions to survive and win battles. In-game voice and text chat make communication easy between teammates and improve coordination.If you are a new warrior in BattleZone: PvP FPS Shooter and wants to conquer the battlefield, then you must follow these tips and beginner's guide to improve yourself and slay your enemies:

1. Use Cover and Concealment:

Your surroundings are the only help when you are playing alone. Using the environment as an advantage makes winning through any rough condition so easy. Hiding behind obstacles, and getting covers from walls and other objects helps to avoid getting hit by enemy fire. Use sneak-peek-fire on enemies to get the best damage without getting hurt.[photo1]Use cover - Counter - Conquer

2. Keep an eye on your ammo-box:

Watch your weapon's magazine well before having gun fights. Fighting with a low capacity of ammos can help to jab your character's life and all of your winning chances by your opponents. Running without bullets is as deadly as fighting a monster without any superpower. Players should avoid this thing, and collect ammos well before fighting at any cost.[photo2]Reload-and-Run, battlefield is calling you

g">3. Customization makes it better:

Customize your loadout well. Your loadout should be capable to deal damage to all of your enemies with a suitable playstyle. The variety of weapons and gadgets makes it easy to customize and choose the deadly weapon which suits your playstyle and helps you to be vulnerable in BattleZone.[photo3]Slay in Style by customizing your weapons

4. Use gadgets on right-time:

Gadgets have played always the role of game-changer in these kinds of typical war games. They can help to deal with a lot of damage in a very short period. But, these gadgets should be used at a right time with a sharp tactic. Gadgets like grenades, mines, drones, and turrets make it easy to kill more enemies earlier. Don't waste them by using them at the wrong time. Use these when you are in the worst or a huge group of enemies are approaching you.

5. Use Verticality:

The game's verticality is the key which is used by many pro players. Use it to get an extra tactical advantage on your side. Using rooftops and higher ground makes it easy to aim at enemies. Players can easily plan an ambush from above, this tactic is crazy for dealing some deadly damage.


BattleZone: PvP FPS Shooter is a tough competitive game in which a variety of game modes challenges every interested game into a battlefield. Different Maps, different locations, plenty of weapons, and skill-based matchmaking makes the game engaging and fair for all the players. Working together and making strategies to slay other squads is the main key to the game. Elimination of enemies is not so easy to get without pure strategical gameplay.Upgrading weapons, and customization of weapons with beautiful skins make the experience more smooth. Beautiful graphics, high-quality visuals and sound effects, and a detailed environment make the game realistic. You can get the game on Google Play Store.Also read: Priston Tale M beginners guide and tips.