BTS Island In the SOEM Beginner's Guide: Tips to start your island adventure with your BTS crew!

BTS Island In the SOEM Beginner's Guide: Tips to start your island adventure with your BTS crew!
May 2023

BTS Island: In the SOEM is a match-three game where you can build up your BTS island. The whole BTS crew has shipwrecked on an island! Here is everything you need to know to help them out!Please enable JavaScript

The island

The island, usually a tropical getaway, is where your BTS crew has been trapped. You can decorate the island as you find decors, to make their stay a bit more exciting. This island will be shaped as you play the game.The shop, once you unlock it, will give you a free lucky box each day! BTS Island: In the SOEM is also quite a social game, so make sure to add friends, and you can give each other gifts![photo1]The BTS Crew wondering around the would-be paradise island

The gameplay

The actual levels in BTS Island: In the SOEM will be Candy Crus

h-Esque match-three levels, with each level requiring you to match a certain amount of an item.To make this easier, if you match greater numbers of items, they will merge into power-ups, which help you take down a lot more items at once, potentially meeting your goals and winning the level. These power-ups can be activated by switching them or by double-tapping. make sure to try and move them into the most optimal places before you activate them. This will be determined through the number of your target items that the power-up could take down, so pay attention and activate them accordingly!Each level has a different layout to make each game unique. This will provide advantages and disadvantages, with some levels requiring you to match certain power-ups to reach certain items locked away in their own borders, away from the main grid. In these cases, don't just match every three you see and try to manipulate the game into being able to match four or five or more items at once. This may require you to match three items to force the above items down, auto-merging with items under them, providing you a power-up.The real fun is when you combine power-ups. Managing to do so will result in a combination of the two power-ups, which could even clear the board! make sure to try and do this every chance you get. Completed levels will provide you coins and a star. As long as you are careful and generous with your power-up usage, you'll breeze through levels.[photo2]Look at that power-up fly!

The story

The stars you collect will be used to complete actions, some requiring more than one. Doing an action mostly advanced the story, but it also opens up opportunities for you to shape the game as you play. After milestones of completed actions, you will be rewarded, with an even more incentive to play the game! During the crew's actions, sometimes numerous dialogues from numerous crewmates will pop up. What you choose may open up new activities for you to try, but others won't impact anything.After an action, all the involved crewmates' happiness will increase. The crewmate whose option you chose will receive double the happiness! Happiness is essentially a stand-in for experience points, so increasing their happiness will advance their happiness level, which will grant you rewards and unlock new features, such as clothing, to style your crewmates as you see fit.[photo3]Exciting missions lay ahead!There you have it, everything you need to know. If I have missed any tips, you can put them in the comments below. BTS Island: In the SOEM can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. If you are interested in island-based games, then you may want to check out my beginner's guide to Mini Mini Farm.Also Read: Top 10 Fighting Games For Android and iOS