Campground Tycoon: Beginner's guide and must know tips and tricks

Campground Tycoon: Beginner's guide and must know tips and tricks
May 2023

Kawaii Game recently launched their very cool tycoon game 'Campground Tycoon.' Being a tycoon genre game, it is bound to have a bit of simulation. Most of you might have enjoyed camping, so why not bring that experience to your fingertips. Let's take a closer look at how the game is to be played for new campers out there!

1 What's in the start?

In the start, you are welcomed by 'Daniel,' the sheriff of the town. A small look around will be provided, which will help you explore more. You will have to construct tents/camps which will vary in size and also in cost. Basically, you need to reconstruct and reintroduce structures into your world, and the game will guide you through it step by step.[photo1]

2 Effectively progressing in the game

This game is all about exploring and introducing new things into your virtual camping world. First of all, you need to reconstruct some structures like the tent camp, park, etc. When you select a certain area that needs reconstruction, you will get a popup showing the stats of the construction. It will include the look, the money required, time taken, etc.Once the structure is established, you can level up

the establishment in order to gain more rewards. More about rewards and tricks will be mentioned further. This game also focuses more on upgrading your resources effectively to progress further in the game.[photo2]

3 How to earn money quickly and easily?

As we mentioned above, you need to level up your construction to the highest possible level. This is necessary because your establishment will earn for you while you rest. You can see a money/hr below the level bar, increasing every time you level up. The higher your level, the more money you will make per hour without doing anything special. This money will help you construct more and more establishments, helping you progress quickly. The best strategy to apply in the start is to quickly level up a certain building and wait for a certain time so that a lot of money can be gathered before upgrading the next camp.[photo3]

4 Which camps/buildings will reward the most?

Buildings like parks, tents, etc., will help you earn the most because they are public buildings. They will have the most cash per hour ratio compared to others. The lesser-earning constructions are bathrooms, benches, etc., which are mainly present for aesthetic purposes only. Upgrading construction will also cause it to lessen the time of earning. You will be rewarded quicker and more cash can be accumulated over a short period of time. Remember to construct public buildings which have higher returns. More or less, these things are very closely related to what happens in real life, and you need to analyze accordingly because funds are the main resource.[photo4]So that was all for a beginner's guide. Hope you got to know something about the game and also how to play it effectively. So don't wait and go camping to your heart's content!Campground Tycoon is available to download on the Google Play Store.For more such content on gaming guides, news, reviews, tips, and tricks check out our growing collection of articles.