Obey Me! Nightbringer beginners guide and tips

Obey Me! Nightbringer beginners guide and tips
Apr 2023

Obey Me! Nightbringer is a game based on a unique objective like focusing on building relationships with groups of demons. interested gamers can explore a supernatural world in which they can build relationships with demons. The game is developed by NTT Solmare and was released on 11th April 2022. In a single year, the game has completed 100,000+ downloads, this number of downloaders is a great achievement for this genre's games.The game features a story mode and a battle mode. In story mode, players can progress through a series of visual novel-style chapters. Interaction with demon brothers and other characters is a new concept for regular mobile RPG games. Your choice is everything in these relationships with demons, unlocking new story paths and dialogue options is the main reward for your progress.Please enable JavaScript If you are new to this kind of game and playing this game for the first time, then you must follow some tips that can help you to improve the gameplay and progress through the game in an easy manner. Here are some tips and beginner's guide, that can help you for the same:

1. Focus on leveling up your main party:

In this game, a huge range of demons and their variety can be accessed. All these demons have different skills and abilities. However, the most important asset to be focused on is your main party. Level up your main party and place them as your top priority for levelling up. The main party of demons are those who are used most of the time in all the battles. Completing quests, using items to boost XPs and paying attention to the evolution of demons can help to focus on your main party.[photo1]Complete quest and win exciting rewards

2. Use the right demon for the job:

For getting the highest success rate in battles, players must use the right demon for the job. In this situation, understanding demon types becomes important. It can help to use all the skills strategically and it can assist more precisely after observing the enemy closely. Equipping the right items, with the best demon,

on the weakness of the enemy is the unstoppable way to win any battle against any enemy.[photo2]Join vedio-call and make relationships

3. Use demon affinities:

A huge variety of demons carry a variety of skills. Similarly, every demon has an affinity for certain types of items and activities. You can get some extra rewards by focusing a little on these affinities, it also helps to build stronger relationships with your demons. Use food for those demons who have a strong affinity for food. Feeding them will increase their attack power, and help you incredibly.[photo3]Be a dailly member of their daily life

4. Use your demon vouchers wisely:

If you ask the most precious thing for this game, our answer will be "Demon Vouchers". Demon Vouchers are the best and most valuable resources in the game. Use them wisely so you can get all their advantages without wasting them. They can be used to summon new cards. An exchange between these vouchers and resources can be done for some rare items.


Obey Me! Nightbringer is a game that features a unique situation and role of a human exchange student who is suddenly thrust into a world of demons and angels. Players have to take some strategic decisions while interacting with various characters. Also, they have to complete some quests while battling with their opponents. Basically, the game is based on a visual novel-style genre with RPG elements. A card collection system, battles, and a story of exploration with several themes of friendship and self-discovery are the things that make this game the best. Stunning graphics and sound effects make it more engaging.You can get this game on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.Also read: Nevermore-M: Idle Immortal RPG - Best Tips And Tricks And Beginner's Guide.