Paradise Lost: Otome Game Guide Tips and Tricks

Paradise Lost: Otome Game Guide Tips and Tricks
May 2023

Do you want to play a game that makes your heart flutter? Are you a weeb who is head over heels for the anime characters? Then my mate Paradise Lost: Otome should be your next game if you're looking for some romantic rendezvous with the OH-SO hot anime characters on a beach. Yes, there are many Otome games in the app store already, and if you have played games like Samurai Love and Ikemen Vampire, then you'll surely love this game as well.Please enable JavaScriptParadise Lost: Otome Game is a newly launched dating simulating game by Buff Studio. The Game is available in both Apple and Playstore. The game has beautifully illustrated graphics and images. In this game, you'll find seven breath-taking characters with a dramatic yet exciting storyline. The creators weaved the story so that the player would get hooked for hours to find out what happens next. The story begins with the main character(you) stranded on a beach, and seven strangers want her to be theirs one and only. The wait, isn't it getting hotter already? 7 immensely eye-catching characters trying their best to sway your hearts?Paradise Lost: Otome is more of a reverse harem. Now, what's a reverse harem? In a reverse harem, several male or female protagonists approach females with the motive of making their hearts flutter. The best thing about this game is that it kept the LGBTQ+ community in mind while developing, so you can choose your ending with a man or woman. The choice is totally up to you.Now I don't want to end up giving you spoilers. So, let's start with the tips that you'll need to win the characters' hearts.

Tip #1 - Watch Ads in Paradise Lost: Otome

No matter how frustrating or lame this tip sounds, you have to trust me on this one. You will only be able to win the hearts of your chosen character if you use gems for making the choices that appear in the storyline. You can get ten gems per day by watching Ads, and you can earn more by watching Ads after every episode by clicking on "Get 2x by watching Ads."

Tip #2 - Play in Intervals

Do not try to finish the game in one go. The worst mistake I made was to clear the game as quickly as possible and had to play from the beginning to unlock the ending. Give 10-15 mins to this game every day. Collect diamonds as much as you can because you cannot unlock outfits or make bold choices in the game without these precious diamonds. The second option is to buy the diamonds and tickets to get the desired ending but if you don't want to spend a single buck, try these tips to reach the end of the game.[photo1]

Tip #3 - Go for Patrolling

Patrolling is part of the game through which you can get rewards like diamonds, missing puzzle pieces, etc. It's a great way to earn a diamond. Although it takes a lot of time to complete patrol, you can also reduce the time by watching an ad. Keep unlocking other patrolling locations for better rewards. The patrolling option is at the left corner side of the screen.

Tip #4 - Carefully Make Choices in Paradise Lost: Otome

Yes, you must carefully choose if you want an ending with a particular character. The options will impact the story and will lead to different routes. Try to make bold choices for your favorite character like "Kiss him," "Pretend not to know," "Let's date," etc. These are critical choices as they will increase the character's affection towards you.[photo2]

Tip #5 - Unlock Hidden Chapters

Hidden or extra chapters are not available for free. You need to pu

rchase a package or tickets from the in-app store to avail these. But you can enjoy the game without these hidden stories, but without these hidden stories, you will have to spend a lot of time watching Ads, so the choice is up to you.

Some Other Tips for Beginners

Unlock outfits related to your chosen character's episodeReplay EpisodesDo not use gems for other charactersMake bold choicesThat's all the tips and tricks I have for you, and using these tips, and you'll indeed have a smooth ending with your desirable character. Honestly, I loved the conflicts between the characters. Every character trying their best to make me like them, and how can it not make your heart flutter? So, yes, it's a must-try for you guys. You can also check out another similar game: Love Island The Game 2 beginner's guide and tips and tricks. Now, go and use these tips; what are you waiting for? Those seven charming characters are waiting for you. Don't forget to share your experience through the comments section below! Go Toki-Doki!