Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG Guide For Beginners To Get Started

Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG Guide For Beginners To Get Started
Apr 2023

Pixel Fantasia is an idle RPG game released by SUPERBOX.Inc. It is based on a story of a fantasy girl who accidentally came from a different world but had a fate to save this pixel world. You have to play the role of this fantasy girl to save the world. The game has 3D background graphics and 2D animated characters. Play with other players worldwide and chat with them to make this game even more, fun and exciting. Compete in a ranking system with other players in the game. Prepare for the PvP mode, where you will fight against strong players to prove yourself in an intense battle. Win the battles and get rewards. Since this game is based on Idle RPG, you can even grow while being offline. The game is easy to play and has no complicated interface or controls. We have discussed an essential guide to playing the game with some important tips below to master the competition quickly.[photo1]

class="wp-block-heading">Getting Started: Beginners Guide

Please enable JavaScriptTo start the game, you must select a server to play. We advise you to use a global server since more players are on that server. You have to log in with your Google Id to start the game. It will be a little difficult for you to start the game since they don't give a tutorial when starting, but you don't worry; we are here for you. Just follow our guide and tips to understand the game. The quest section is the first thing you must look out for in the game; complete these quests to move ahead and get rewarded. On the right side of your mobile screen, you will see a green button; tap it to fight the boss and defeat him to get huge rewards. However, if you fail to defeat the boss, you will get some tips on the screen, follow them and fight the boss again. Summon new weapons from the summon menu to make your character more powerful.[photo2]

Tips To Master The Game

Tip #1 Advertisement

You can collect various resources in every game and unlock different things by watching a short advertisement. You can watch advertisements in Pixel Fantasia to get free summons and rewards. You can also receive free power-ups by watching ads. There are more benefits of watching an advertisement that you can find while playing the game.

Tip #2 Complete Missions

On the top right corner of the game screen, you will find the Mission menu through which you can complete various missions to receive rewards in the game. You can also achieve this mission by moving ahead in the game when stuck. There are two types of assignments Daily missions and Endless missions. Look out for the daily tasks, which only last 24 hours.

Tip#3 Free Ruby

Rubies in this game play an important part. You can buy various stuff in the game using ruby. But it takes much work to collect ruby. However, you can get thousands of rubies for free by going into the shop menu and then the resource option, there you will find a free ruby option. Claim the rubies and spend them to make your character more powerful.
This was all for the tips and guides. Thank you for reading this article. We hope it helps improve your gameplay--Download Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG from Google Play. Visit Mobile Gaming Hub for more content like this and the latest mobile gaming news to keep you updated.