Priston Tale M beginners guide and tips

Priston Tale M beginners guide and tips
Apr 2023

Priston Tale M is a brand new MMORPG game developed on March 23rd, 2023. The game is designed by very popular FOW Games. The game offers countless adventures in a classic world full of magic. Various features make it interesting like various classes selection, party systems, class change systems, skill tree systems, etc. A huge variety of classes is available to choose like Fighter, Hunter, Pikeman, and Mechanician. Players can use any class that suits them best. The uniqueness of abilities and strength make the fun double.Interested gamers can experience some interesting quests and amazing storylines. A main storyline and several side quests make the game more engaging and connect players more deeply. Quests are never the same, they cover all the game's fun from beating bosses to delivering items to NPCs. It simplifies and makes it easy to progress through the game. More feature like PvP Battles, Guilds, Crafting System, Auction House, etc. can be experienced which intensifies the gameplay and don't let players switch.Please enable JavaScript Fully electrifying teaser of Priston Tale M.Priston Tale M offers a colourful and pretty graphical experience which makes it more eye-pleasant. Sound effects give a realistic feel which increases the fun while playing, even watching the gameplay. A visually appealing immersive soundtrack boosts the feel and gifts an extraordinary experience which is difficult to find in other MMORPG games. Some regular events, PvP battles, boss raids, and treasure hunts give a special adventure to all of fellow gamers.
If you are new to this game and want to learn and progress faster to become the king, so you are on the right page my friend, let's have a look at some beginners guide and tips for Priston Tale M:

1. Focus on leveling up:

Levelling up in any game offers various rewards and powers to the respective character. Levelling up is crucial in Priston Tale M too. It allows players to access and explore some new areas, quests, and gears. Players must complete their latest quests as soon as possible. It maximizes the progress chances and makes it easy to slay monsters. Participating in events is also the best way to level up quickly.[photo1]Maximize your strengths and beat every beast of your way.

2. Focus on crafting:

The most valuable source of income in this game could be crafting. Crafting can help you acquire some rare and powerful weapons and items. Players must use some shortcuts to craft faster and more effectively. Crafting different things and selling them in the marketplace for profit. Selling well-crafted items on the right time makes a beautiful opportunity to earn a huge prof

it in the game. This profit will help to buy some tough perks and progress through the game easily.[photo2]Earn and raise your pet to have a helping hand.

3. Build relationships with NPCs:

Making new connections increases the count of new supporters. NPCs can offer plenty of valuable information and resources which can be used at any time throughout the game. It is important to build relationships with NPCs to gather information and be updated. Talking with NPCs regularly, completing their quests and offering them charming gifts improves the relationship which will help to deal with them lovingly.


Priston Tale M is a smoothly entertaining mobile MMORPG game that provides a variety of features and content. It requires that players put in time and effort to develop a range of skills and establish connections with NPCs and guild members. Players who loves MMORPG genre games and are searching for a consistent gaming experience on their mobile device should try this game once, the game offers a rich and engaging experience.You can get this game on Google Play Store.Also read: Summoners War: Chronicles Beginner's Guide and Tips.