RPG Gale of Windoria - Beginner's Guide, Tips and Tricks

RPG Gale of Windoria - Beginner's Guide, Tips and Tricks
May 2023

Hey players!! So this time we are back with another beginner's guide and some fun tips and tricks for another RPG-based game. Well, yes we very well know that RPG based genre is blooming in the gaming community. And keeping this in mind, we would discuss RPG Gale Of Windoria- a role-playing game- and let you discover this genre more.

About: RPG Gale Of Windoria

"The promise of the breezes, the story of souls linked."Offered by KEMCO, the game was released on June 1, 2022. Till now around 10000+ downloads have been made. This game is compatible with the Android 5.0 and up and includes in-app purchases. RPG Gale Of Windoria is a fantasy game that demands to restore the breeze around the world. The game's storyline says the Tetra Quartzes, the source of all life have become sullied. And also there seems a sense of foreboding across the world. The main protagonist Shan is a young boy who is on an adventure to save his childhood friend.[photo1] RPG Gale Of WindoriaWhat is your role? You will be the one to control the warrior on the adventurous journey, upgrading with parts to spread y

our accessible areas, fight battles, combine the character abilities, etc. So, players!! Here is a beginner's guide for you along with some tips and tricks for you to enhance your gameplay.

Learn to use the controls

The game "RPG Gale Of Windoria" has a wide range of mysteries and is really engaging. To progress and level up your performance the very basic thing you must learn is to handle the controls. The main protagonist or say hero Shan is on a journey and to make him explore and move in the town, castle, and other places in the game, you need to use the virtual jockey. When you enter the game there appears no such thing but as soon as you touch the screen, the jockey appears. Tap, hold and drag on the screen and move in the direction you wish to make Shan move. The other controls are the ones you use while fighting. The option skills and attack needs to be used wisely and it should be made sure that you win.[photo2]

Unlock the equipment

Shan is assigned tasks by different characters like his father, his teachers, his friends, etc., and one such task is finding the equipment and unlocking them. Now to do so, you need to stroll through all the unlocked places be it the house, libraries, castle, town, etc. this is necessary because you are unaware of where actually the equipment is hidden or locked.

Travel and explore

The game basically demands to explore more and more and talk to the people around who come your way. Just remember, the people around carry very important information related to your missions. ( Not all but some people)As soon as you reach near a person you will observe an exclamation mark begins to flash on the right corner below. Simply tap on it and the convo begins sometimes giving you hints too.

Follow the instructions

[photo3]The Overwind City- Windoria has a lot to offer for the players. The players really need to dissect each and every element of the game from the equipment to quartzes, to items, to shop, and even the guide and the system. To find out about them, simply tap on the icon present at the top right corner and you will land on the page will all the options available.Therefore, heroes!! Here we are reaching the end of our beginner's guide journey. And now we leave it to you, that how you wish to take forward your journey and the gameplay.RPG Gale of Windoria is available to download on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.Also Read: Top 10 Tank Games For Android and iOS