Spell Force: Immortal Heros 3D beginner's guide and tips

Spell Force: Immortal Heros 3D beginner's guide and tips
Apr 2023

SpellForce: Immortal Heroes 3D is a special and unique real-time strategy game that features some combinations of RPG, base-building, and tactical combat mechanics. Players have six choices to select their faction. Each of these factions has its own unique abilities which suit different play-styles. A variety of replayability makes the game more special.Please enable JavaScriptIn SpellForce: Immortal Heroes 3d, players can manage their resources which is the most crucial thing for progress. Collecting wood, stone, and gold is important for building structures, research technologies, and many more buildings. Maintenance of control while keeping their units well-fed and rested is necessary. Players can control it by balancing offensive and defensive structures.The most exciting element of SpellForce: Immortal Heroes 3D is, its combat system. Players have to protect their base at any cost. Building defensive structures are must for saving the base from the waves of enemies. If you are new to this game and want to slay your enemies, then you are visiting the right page. Let's have a look at some beginner's guides and tips to do so: Basic gameplay of SpellForce: Immortal heroes 3D on android

1. Make a perfect group or unit your groups well:

Players can easily manage their groups by using their control keys and grouping their units well. Players must group their units based on their types like melee fighters, spellcasters, and attackers. Grouping makes it easy to have access to all units easily by saving time and resources on a panic enemy attack.[photo1]Hunt and extinguish mythic bosses and encounter some epic fights.

2. Use terrain to your advantage:

Different types of terrains are covering maps in the game. Hills, forests, and water use these terrains to get some auxiliary benefits. You can get this gain by arranging all the units in strategic areas. Position your units on top of a ridge or behind a forest.

3. Use haze of war to your advantage:

The fog of war plays a big role in hiding several areas of the

map which you haven't probed yet. Use this fog to your advantage by hiding all the posted units in these areas. Stun your enemies by positioning a surprise trap and make them taste the dust.[photo2]Explore the maps and strategize accordingly.

4. Use hotkeys and shortcuts:

Use your hotkeys and shortcuts to save a lot of time and make your gameplay more efficient. Learn hotkeys and shortcuts. Use them for commonly used controls. Build units, assemble resources, and attack enemies. It will save you a lot of time and help you to improvise.

5. Use flanking tactics:

If you want to play with your enemy's mind and get an extra edge, then flanking them will be the best technique for you. Flanking gives you an immersively strong advantage in battles. Make sure to place all the units in such an arrangement that allows you to attack the enemies from the side or behind.[photo3]Challenge your enemies and have a fully-rendered 3D experience.


SpellForce: Immortal Heroes 3D is a game that consists of a fantasy world where players can choose their own roles a heroes. They must save the world from an evil threat. It can be played in multiplayer or in a single-player mode too. The variety of characters and classes makes it more engaging. A huge world is remained to be explored and too many beasts are yet to be killed.The game consists of a robust crafting system too. It allows players to create their own special weapons, upgrades, magical spells, and items too.You can get SpellForce: Immortal Heroes 3D from Google Play Store.Also read: Dream Farm: Harvest Day beginners guide and tips.