WuKong Legends : Idle RPG beginners guide and tips

WuKong Legends : Idle RPG beginners guide and tips
Apr 2023

WuKong Legends: Idle RPG is a role-playing, casual, and stylized simulator game, developed by SuperFlex. The game was released on 6th April 2023 on Google Play Store. Players can enjoy a trip together with WUKONG and draw weapons. The main theme of the game that makes it special is based on the legendary Chinese hero Sun Wukong, also known as the Monkey King. Players can enjoy his journey through various worlds to save the universe.On that journey, tons of villains will meet you to check your strengths. Show them what you got, use your unique weapons and skill and defeat all the monsters. Players can feel all the upgradation by claiming all the rewards. A variety of Weapons, costumes, villains, companions, and characters will give you every taste of entertainment.Please enable JavaScript Official trailer of WuKong Legends: Idle RPGVarious modes like adventure mode, boss mode, arena mode, and guild wars give huge competition among real and super-intelligent AI. A player can join all these battles and progress through them. Players can control a team full of heroes who have to beat various beasts and other monsters in all these game modes. The game features over 50 heroes with unique skills and abilities. Playing this game for the first time? Then you must try some tips here, that can help you to improve your gameplay. Here are some beginner's tips that you must try once:

1. Swap your heroes during mid-battles:

The game allows all the players to swap their heroes during mid-battles. Players must utilize this feature strategically when their hero got hurt or have very low health. When your heroes are not making a good impact on your enemy then you can swap your heroes by opening the hero screen, tapping on the "Swap" button and then choosing the hero which you want to play with, confirming the swap and then slaying all your enemies.[photo1]Have some new experience, a fail-safe enforcement system is waiting for you

2. Take advantage of hero synergies:

Taking advantage of hero synergies is crucial thing if you want to master WuKong Legends: Idle RPG. Players must understand all hero types. All are categorized into three types: Tank, DPS, and Support. Tanks are healthier, DPS deals the best damage, where Supports are heroes that help and provides benefits to the team. By understanding all the hero types, it'll be easy to use them a

t the right time and right place.[photo2]Be Vulnerable, grow limitlessly

3. Invest in your stronghold:

Stronghold is the main character for your success story in the game. Invest in it as much as you can. Stronghold is the boon which allows players to research and upgrade their bases. Upgrading troop training, resource production and improvements in important areas can help to get the best progress in the game. Stronghold also includes a market full of resources. These upgrades can help you to make your stronghold the strongest it can be.[photo3]Invincible monsters are waiting for you


So, finally, WuKong Legends: Idle RPG is a game that offers a perfect blend of RPG mechanics, thrilling battles, and content full of exploration and enjoyment. Upgrading various heroes and their skill is the best feature that players enjoy the most. A wide range of modes and stories also offers a smooth experience.Beautiful graphics and soothing sound designs make the perfect combination and create an immersive and visually stunning environment for all fellow players. A simple interface with easy-navigated designs makes it accessible for both, new and experienced players.You can get this game on Google Play Store.Also read: Top 5 Best Match 3 Mobile Games To Play .