Yeager: Hunter Legend beginners guide and tips

Yeager: Hunter Legend beginners guide and tips
Apr 2023

Yeager: Hunter Legend is a 3D action role-playing game developed by IGG.COM and released on March 14, 2023. Interested gamers can hunt monsters in an alien world. They can slay these monsters with their friends to have endless fun. In the game, players may take the role of Yeager, who is an elite Vyderan hunter, his mission is to retrieve a stolen relic. The game introduces a mysterious Planet Ekors, a secret world full of deadly creatures. The main target for the players is to hunt these fierce beasts and encounter alien civilizations as they uncover the hidden secrets of the Vyderan clan.Please enable JavaScriptThe game's main feature is the ability that allows players to blend and train a solid team of warriors or hunters. Every hunter has their own power and attribute, making them unique among 200 hunters. Introducing a challenging mode that makes it difficult to get some better rewards in the game. In arena mode, players can compete against each other for ranking and reward.
If you are struggling to advance your rank or get special rewards, you can follow some beginners guide and tips which are discussed below, have a look: Official trailer of Yeager: Hunter Legend

1. Use the combo system:

Combo systems of any game help its players to earn some bonuses and rewards. Players can earn these rewards by chaining attacks together without getting hurt. Maximizing your combo score is not that hard. Understanding the timing of attacks, using abilities to develop their combo, using dodge rolls, and focusing on weaker enemies is the best way to get a higher combo score.[photo1]Attack the beast and survive in this alien world.

2. Practice parrying:

Parrying is the most powerful technique that allows players to deflect all enemy attacks and counter-attacks. Players must practice hard to master this invincible tactic. Practicing parrying gives you a mighty tool in your arsenal. For parrying an enemy attack, players have to watch all the enemy's attack animations. When enemies are going to attack, watch a

nd observe their animation sharply. Usually, a wind-up animation is used before the attack, it will give you a little window of time to prepare your best. Also, pressing the parry button at right time is most important. Players must press the button before the landing of attacks against them.

3. Use the dodge roll to reposition:

If you want to avoid several attacks with some unbearable hits, you can also use the dodge roll to reposition yourself during battles. If you want to get behind an enemy or reach a certain area quickly so this will be a special weapon for you. Dodge roll is so important and essential movement technique to advance yourself in the battles of Yeager: Hunter Legend. You can use this technique in various ways like dodging enemies, closing the gap, evading traps, and hazards, or creating distance. You can make yourself safe by using dodge roll. You will move quickly out of harm's way through it. You can activate a special ability by coming closer to your enemy. Dodge roll is just like nuclear power for players while having a tough battle.[photo2]Beat the beast through the best technique you can use.


This game is totally an action-oriented combat system that alloes you to choose your own powerful weapon. Players have 5 choices to choose their best weapon class: Hunting Sword, Force Hammer, Fury Blades, Flux Blaster, and Eidolon Spear. Hunt beastes with the help of these weapon classes and rule the alien world like a undefeatable king. Explore some vast forests and winding canyons and discover some secrets hidden in Ekors. While exploring, beware, some monsters are also approaching you. Overall, Yeager: Hunter Legend is a fun and engaging mobile game with super fantabulous graphics and gameplay. No age restriction makes it more comfortable and kills time so easily if you are bored for a while.You can get Yeager: Hunter Legend on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.Also read: Nightclub Royale: Let's Party beginners guide and tips.